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What Business Means to Me: Reflections from a Newly-Minted MBA

Through lessons learned in the classroom, conversations with professors and classmates, and involvement with entrepreneurs in my own community and abroad, I am leaving school with an entirely different view of business than when I entered. Business, when handled responsibly, can mean self-sufficiency. Business can mean independence and empowerment. Entrepreneurship can mean respect for...
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Envisioning a Million Points of Light

Prosperity Candle invests in women entrepreneurs in distressed areas of the world—places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, and Rwanda—who are excited to start their own businesses producing candles for local and international markets. The company was founded to empower women entrepreneurs in places of conflict so that they may not only survive, but thrive.
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Let’s Expand Our Definition of Service

For many years I thought of community service in very narrow terms. Service meant volunteering at a local shelter or food bank, cleaning up a park or a beach, or raising money for a nonprofit organization in need of funds by going door to door or making cold calls to potential donors—three things I...
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