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VIDEO: Joe Finn Explains MHSA’s Home & Healthy for Good Program

In this video, Executive Director Joe Finn explains MHSA's Home & Healthy for Good program, a Housing First initiative in partnership with Dr. Jessie Gaeta. In 2010, Home & Healthy for Good was selected as a Social Innovator by Root Cause and its Social Innovation Forum.
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VIDEO: Joe Finn on the Housing First Movement

In this video, Executive Director Joe Finn explains the Housing First Movement and this relatively new approach to ending homelessness is so effective. Housing First brings focuses on bringing housing to the front of the continuum of care rather than making housing the prize.
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Reflections on Advocacy and Leadership from the Mass Housing and Shelter Alliance Team (Part II of the MHSA Story)

After speaking with Joe Finn, President and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance, about MHSA’s history, current work, and the Housing First movement, I sat down with more MHSA staff to ask some of the bigger questions about what it is like working on such a cause as ending homelessness every...
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