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VIDEO: Jackie Cahi Tells the Story of Kufunda Learning Village in Zimbabwe

Founded in 2002, Kufunda is a working village in Zimbabwe exploring how we can all become more self-sufficient in community. Kufundees live what they speak; they keep their land alive, use local solutions, grow healthy food, offer workshops and run local schools.
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Creating Useful Things From Waste, Connecting Upcyclers Across the Globe

Upcycling is a term that refers to the practice of making things that are more beautiful, durable, or useful from what was previously considered waste.
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Pat Cooke, Tina Chery, Candice Gartley, and Bob MacEachern on life and activism in Dorchester, MA

On August 21st, 2008 Tina Chery, Pat Cooke, Candice Gartley, and Bob MacEachern gathered at Dot2Dot Cafe in Dorchester, MA for NPi’s first speakers panel and community dialogue. Topics discussed included Dorchester’s rich history, the many ways Dorchester has changed over the past few decades, lessons learned working in the community over the years,...
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