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Working with Boston Youth to Improve Math Skills and Develop Personal Resiliency

MathPOWER takes a comprehensive approach to developing both proficiency in advanced mathematics and personal resiliency as vehicles to bring about transformational change in the lives of urban youth.
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Modeling Sustainable Living in Johannesburg, South Africa

Founded in 1998, the GreenHouse Project is a walk-in green living demonstration center in Johannesburg, South Africa, with the dual purpose of connecting community-based green enterprises in the area.
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Recognizing Workers’ Rights as Human Rights

In partnership with community groups, workers' rights groups, and concerned citizens, Sugar Law Center provides legal advocacy and technical support to empower individuals and communities seeking systemic change with regard to economic and social justice. Sugar Law has been instrumental in many fair-employment, mass-layoff, and environmental justice cases.
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VIDEO: Joe Finn on the Housing First Movement

In this video, Executive Director Joe Finn explains the Housing First Movement and this relatively new approach to ending homelessness is so effective. Housing First brings focuses on bringing housing to the front of the continuum of care rather than making housing the prize.
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Using the Arts to Revitalize Civic Life

The mission of Cultural Agents is simple: to promote the arts and humanities as social resources. Through arts education, Cultural Agents expands citizens’ imagination and resourcefulness so that together, people are more capable of solving community problems. The initiative identifies creative agents of change, reflects on best practices, and inspires their replication.
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“ArtScience” Teaches Cross-Disciplinary Thinking & Innovation

Together with Cloud Foundation founder, David Edwards, Carrie has led the creation of the Boston 100K ArtScience Innovation Prize, an urban teen empowerment program that provides learning opportunities through the development of breakthrough ideas in arts and design at the frontier of scientific knowledge.
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