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Recognizing Workers’ Rights as Human Rights

In partnership with community groups, workers' rights groups, and concerned citizens, Sugar Law Center provides legal advocacy and technical support to empower individuals and communities seeking systemic change with regard to economic and social justice. Sugar Law has been instrumental in many fair-employment, mass-layoff, and environmental justice cases.
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VIDEO: Young Detroit Builders Connects Young Adults With Ways to Give Back

Young Detroit Builders (YDB) is an 8-10 month training program that seeks to unleash the positive energy of unemployed young adults in order to rebuild their communities and their own lives. YDB offers comprehensive support services in the form of counseling, leadership development, life skills, and on-the-job construction training.
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Detroit Nonprofit Uses Industrial Scraps for Art Education

Industrial remnants and artistic creation—two things you may not associate with each other that when paired, create a social phenomenon called Arts and Scraps. Arts and Scraps is a nonprofit organization in Detroit’s eastside, a location conducive to acquiring plenty of industrial scrap materials. Arts and Scraps reclaims and reuses materials that would otherwise...
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