3) Steiff Titanic mourning bear Following the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, Steiff produced 600 black mohair ‘mourning’ bears to commemorate the tragic event. Finally, the affiliation of the appraiser may have changed since the appraisal was recorded. collectibles, market trends, and other factors. © 2020 Active Interest Media All rights reserved. Its original owner had disliked it … It comes complete with its original ear button and is estimated for $25,000 to $40,000. It is said their eyes were rimmed red to appear as if they had been crying. Of the approximately 120 stellar examples from the Steffes collection, which consists predominantly of bears, rabbits and cats in a variety of patterns and styles, it is difficult to choose only a few highlights to mention. This incredible teddy bear has red discs behind his show button eyes (just like the original) to represent tear-stained eyes. Okay, what you have there, Carol, is a wonderful Steiff bear with shoe-button eyes, mohair, felt pads. I don't know, would you sell him for $15,000? It features highly distinctive red felt backed shoebutton eyes to represent tears and sadness. He insisted that the firm create a line that was warmer, more cuddly and more colorful and inviting. In 1912 when the Titanic sunk, Steiff made black bears for England, and they called them a mourning bear. knows best: the auction market. Free postage. The sinking of the Titanic was one of the greatest disasters of the 20th century, and one of the many ways to commemorate this tragic event was the creation of a teddy bear, called the Steiff Mourning Bear which in this new mystery series is at the center of the mystery. A 100-YEAR-OLD birthday was celebrated yesterday but the recipient did not have too much to say. $774.99 0 bids 4d 14h. GUEST: My daughter and I collect bears, and we used to do doll and bear shows quite a bit, and a lady approached me one day and said that she had bought this bear in England, in an antique shop, and that the gentleman who owned the antique shop told her that someone had made him out of an old coat. Values APPRAISER: The last one that was sold at auction, I think it brought $30,000 and it was a little bit smaller, and there's not a lot of them around. The bear was one of only 600 which were made especially for the British market in May 1912, to show empathy for the loss of the passengers of the R.M.S. In 1912, the first black fur Steiff teddies were manufactured to be given as mourning gifts after the sinking of the Titanic. An extensive collection of Steiff creations, including an atypical Titanic “Mourning Bear” created to honor the memory of the victims of the ocean tragedy, are headlining the June 13 Toy, Doll & Advertising auction being presented by James D. Julia. He's more in the range, I would say, in the $20,000, $25,000 to $30,000 range. ©1997 – 2020 WGBH Educational Foundation. The result was a bear known as “Happy” with almost feminine features including long, soft curly mohair and deep brown and black glass pupil eyes. Executive producer Marsha Bemko shares her tips for getting the most out of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW. Titanic sank in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic, April 15, 1912. The story goes that Steiff black mohair bears were produced as mourning bears after the Titanic disaster in April 1912. Previews for the auctions will be Tuesday, June 10 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Wednesday through Friday from 8-10 a.m. before each auction session at Julia’s auction facilities on Route 201 in Fairfield, Maine. According to Rebekah Kaufman, consultant Steiff archivist for Steiff North America who cataloged the collection, “It is amazingly comprehensive and impeccably curated and reflects the finest examples of Steiff design, quality and craftsmanship from the first third of the 20th century.”. One of the original bears was found and sold in 2000 to the Puppenhaus Museum in Basle, Switzerland where it can be visited today. Steiff Classic Black Titanic Mourning BearEAN: this interesting bear is a mourning bear regarding the sinking of the titanic. As with all appraisals, the verbal approximations of value given at ROADSHOW events are our experts' opinions formed from their knowledge of antiques and A Highly Collectible Brown Tipped Steiff Petsy Bear. These are just some of the reasons why the answer to the question "What's it worth?" Then a local also meets a watery grave—and Brad Lyon spots the body floating in the Shenandoah. @RoadshowPBS, We're soaking up the story behind this @LeslieKeno appraisal! In 2000, one of the mourning bears sold for $136,000 to the Puppenhaus Museum … This auction will be preceded by Julia’s summer Fine Glass & Lamp auction taking place June 11-12 which will feature Tiffany, Handel, Gallé, art pottery and more desirable decorative arts items. The value of an item is dependent upon many things, including the condition of the object itself, trends in the market for that kind of object, and the Titanic. He is #2780. Steiff mourning bear, created to commemorate victims of the Titanic, circa 1912. Fiddler: Miracle of Miracles; One Man, Two Guvnors; Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn, and Lea Salonga in Concert. Appraiser affiliations: Only 665 were ever produced and only 78 were ever made in this 20-inch size and configuration. Measuring about 3" x 5", this piece of Titanic metal has undergone full conservation: From respected Titanic expert / lecturer Tarn Stephanos; "This is a fragment from a recovered set of Titanic's Mooring Bollards. The bear was one of only 600 which were made especially for the British market in May 1912, to show empathy for the loss of the passengers of the R.M.S. Technically, an "appraisal" is a legal document, https://www.antiquetrader.com/featured/titanic-mourning-bear-stitch-40000 "retail," or "for insurance purposes" (replacement value). research to establish authenticity, provenance, composition, method of construction, and other important attributes of a particular object. They were an English market exclusive and were known to sell out practically overnight. The values given by the experts on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW are considered "verbal approximations of value." APPRAISER: Right, correct. Free shipping. Often an auctioneer will talk about what she This example, complete with its trailing “F” button, comes estimated for $12,000 to $18,000. The bear, purchased at FAO Schwarz, was manufactured by the famous German Steiff company, which then created a popular Titanic "mourning bear." Enthusiasts like no other, Chuck Steffes, along with his now dearly departed wife Cathy, traveled the globe for approximately three decades forging friendships and hunting Steiff treasures to add to their collection. On April 14, 1912 – 100 years ago – the RMW Titanic struck an iceberg and sank into the icy waters of the North Atlantic. I mean, Steiff bears, when you look at them, they have a look. #antiquesroadshow APPRAISER: What did you pay for him again? The bear, purchased at FAO Schwarz, was manufactured by the famous German Steiff company, which then created a popular Titanic "mourning bear… The couple have become involved in making and collecting teddy bears. A shop owner will usually talk about what he knows best: the retail price he'd place on the object in his shop. generally for insurance purposes, written by a qualified expert and paid for by the owner of the item. This information appears in the upper left corner of the page, with the label "Appraised On." Titanic Black Mourning Bear By Steiff. Click & Collect. The bear, purchased at FAO Schwarz, was manufactured by the famous German Steiff company, which then created a popular Titanic “mourning bear… Starting promptly at 10 a.m., the sale is taking place at Julia’s auction facility on Route 201 in Fairfield, Maine. They were made in five different sizes and only 665 bears were produced. A RARE black teddy bear made when Britain was in mourning after the sinking of the Titanic fetched £91,750 at an auction in London yesterday. APPRAISER: So, you thought it was probably Steiff and he really is Steiff. It … Also of historical significance is one of the earliest bears Steiff ever produced, the rare “Rod” bear. BROOKLYN — A hundred years ago, the sinking of the Titanic was a tragic disaster. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is a trademark of the BBC and is produced for PBS by GBH under license from BBC, Worldwide. This blond fellow that essentially “started it all” is constructed with rod joints, long arms, humped back, felt paws, black shoebutton eyes and black hand-formed gutta percha nose. One of the standouts of the grouping is a rare and historically important black Steiff Titanic “Mourning Bear.” Made to honor those lives lost in the infamous tragedy, it is one of the most sought after vintage bears known. In 1912 when the Titanic sunk, Steiff made black bears for England, and they called them a mourning bear. An Extremely Rare Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear. This wonderful bear was made for club members only during the 1999 year. They're well formed, they have a hump in the back, as you see on this guy. £149.73. This is a replica of the 1912 Schwarz Titanic Mourning Bear. Although our valuations are based on research and experience, opinions can, and sometimes do, vary among Local News Kerri Beggs with a rare Titanic Mourning Bear that belongs to her sister Sonia. He is made of black mohair with sand colored paw pads. Centenary Titanic Ted is a replica of the original “Mourning Bear” reintroduced exclusively for both the US and UK markets by Steiff. They also, a Steiff characteristic, are the very long arms and the big feet. I learned that the famous bear company, Steiff, created 600 black Steiff bears and exported them to England in May 1912. This tragic event left England and America in mourning. But the main event will be the showing of the Mourning Bear, made to commemorate the sinking of the Titanic—and worth a hefty $150,000. @RoadshowPBS. An appraisal usually involves an extensive amount of One of the most coveted antique teddy bears is the Steiff Titanic Mourning Bear.