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Thank You and Farewell from NPi

Dear friends and colleagues,

Earlier this year, we made the decision to dissolve NPi. While the organization will not continue on, most of our media will stay available online. We are in the process now of re-packaging our stories at thenewprosperity.org for easy reading and sharing. Thank you for your patience as do we a complete website overhaul. 

We wish to express sincere gratitude to each of you—our co-founders, mentors, advisors, speakers, interviewees, partners, and readers—for your support, guidance, and participation over the years. Between 2008 and 2012, we captured 60+ important stories in and around Boston and more recently, across the United States, and in partnership withThe Berkana Institute, a few places around the globe. We held seven community dialogues on topics as broad as race and justice, food systems, innovations in healthcare, online/offline community organizing, and more, in addition to many cross-sector networking gatherings. And in 2011, we began leading workshops aimed at rethinking careers for social change at universities and entrepreneurship conferences. All of these conversations reflected the deep shifts we see happening in so many of our systems and institutions today. 
From the beginning, our hope was to give local leaders more opportunities to share their hard-earned knowledge and wisdom, and to promote community dialogue and listening across the barriers that so often divide us. We wanted to connect community leaders across generations, sectors, and nonprofit/for-profit distinctions. These are values we will carry with us into future projects. For solutions-based, positive journalism and media, we recommend DowserPopTechStanford Social Innovation ReviewSee Jane DoGOODWalk Out Walk On, and Cambridge’s own Root Cause. For Boston-based community building and dialogue, we recommend Boston World Partnerships andFuture Boston Alliance. We invite you to stay in touch with us via email. Jeanne can be reached at jeanne.dasaro@gmail.com (@jeannedasaro) and Lex atlexwrites@gmail.com (@lexschroeder). We wish you the best of luck with all of your projects.
In gratitude,
Lex Schroeder, Jeanne Dasaro, and Selena Craig

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