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NPi Talks With RootsCamp Massachusetts

a civic-engagement themed

By Jeanne Dasaro

On November 13-14 2010, I attended RootsCamp-MA, a gathering of community organizers and progressives from across Massachusetts. This two day”unconference” brought together a broad spectrum of organizers to discuss and collaborate, share lessons learned, and drive the conversation about best practices in progressive organizing.

The energy of the group was captivating with close to 60 people in attendance discussing topics such as how to improve the Electoral College system to creating welcoming and inclusive community events, to how to connect people and groups across issues.

In addition to participating and making a variety of new connections at RootsCamp, I also had to the opportunity to speak with Sasha Kinney, Lead RootsCamp Organizer and Brett West, a RootsCamp attendee. In this video, we learn more about the purpose of RootsCamp and why individuals like Brett chose to attend. Click here to visit the RootsCamp website and click here to visit the Roots Camp-Massachusetts website.

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One Response to NPi Talks With RootsCamp Massachusetts

  1. Robbie Samuels on December 1, 2010 at 12:03 am

    Thanks NPi! I’m so pleased Jeanne was able to attend RootsCamp MA. We’ll definitely build off this year’s success and create an even bigger “unconference” next year.

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